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Full Version: Video - Nevada Triangle Death Valley National Park
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A video of mine of a two night, two day trip of the Nevada Triangle during the early spring of 2000. Accompanying me was Lewis Shorb, well known to those who have been with the Death Valley forums for the past quarter century, his son and a friend of his son. The video covers our adventures and travels at such places as Gold Bar, Phinney Canyon, Strozzi Ranch, and the Happy Hooligan Mine. The video is in three parts.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
Thanks for uploading ... just taking a look now (unfortunately seems to be some audio feedback on my computer). I love the Nevada Triangle region and have had some good adventures with friends as well as solo, and if I'm coming down through Nevada to DVNP it has become my usual place to stop the first night.
(2022-09-26, 04:59 PM)TacoLand Wrote: [ -> ]… (unfortunately seems to be some audio feedback on my computer). …

The high pitched whine is from my video camera and likely enhanced due to transfers (Hi-8 > VHS > DVD > video file).

I treated my video and digital cameras pretty rough in the field doing stuff that likely gave Go Pro developers ideas to build their cameras for. There’s all kinds of camera induced noises, such as popping when I zoom, the whine as well as visual anomalies.