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Full Version: CCC Wildrose Camp 1939 to 2022
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The Trona Flyer kept the CCC workers in supply in the 1930s. 
I wish the CCC would make a return.  I've spent many hours enjoying mountain trails built by the CCC.  We probably don't need any new ones, but so many trails  need maintenance and the forest service and volunteers aren't enough.
Interesting video. The travels of the truck were out of sequence (travel between Trona and Wildrose) but still fun. The CCC was a good idea in its time. Even with good intent probably not in today’s culture. I can just hear the negative allegations if such were utilized today. And that is if the government can even come to any agreement and consensus to resurrect or create a new CCC-like organization to begin with.
(2023-03-02, 08:22 AM)DAW89446 Wrote: [ -> ]The travels of the truck were out of sequence (travel between Trona and Wildrose) but still fun. 
Yes, I caught those also. Remember, "never let a film editor get in the way of good story." I bet 99% of people around the country viewing that film back then had any idea of proper sequences. 

I'm still not sure of the Trona Flyer's route to Wildrose? It appears that the truck drove up to Highway 190 and over Towne Pass and up Emigrant Canyon Road to Wildrose rather than up Wildrose Road from Panamint Valley Road?
The truck was loading supplies at Austin Hall in Trona. That building was the central market square in town in those years. It was razed in the early 1960s and the parking lot in front of the security building at the main gate at the Trona plant is where it sat.

The truck took the old Remi Nadeau (Cerro Gordo Freighting Company) road over Slate Range pass. That road was the primary route until the current road was built just after WW2. Nadeau built the road to service the mining camp of Lookout.

Ballarat made a cameo as well. It appears to me that the truck traveled the road south of Ballarat just before the scene in Ballarat, maybe around Post Office Springs or as far south as the road up South Park Canyon. Without an old map, I’m not clear as to the original auto road from the bottom of Slate Range to Ballarat. Shorty Harris was living in Ballarat until shortly before his death, when he was taken to Big Pine where he died around 1934.

Wildrose Canyon made an early appearance in the sequence, then not again until the last. I’m surprised that Wildrose Station wasn’t shown as it was active in those years.

The melted chocolate scene was hilarious.