Death Valley

Full Version: Sparking Quartz Saved Skidoo Miner's Life
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I've been enjoying an online and over the phone relationship with Jim Harris age 92 who is probably the last and oldest surviving gold miner of the Death Valley mining era. Jim is two years older than Emmett C Harder, who also still loves to tell stories about working several mines in Death Valley for other metals and minerals. Unfortunately these two characters have never met up to share stories. 

Jim Harris wrote down his experiences living in and mining at Skidoo. Among the highlights is how he became stranded alone and lost deep inside a mine with no light and eventually figured a way out of total darkness with a "flash" of inspiration. This was originally written up by Jim Harris in the mid 1980's but he just now shared it with me this month, April 2023.
That is a very good read, thanks a lot for posting it!
Had to come out of lurk mode to thank you for posting this DVD!