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Possible New Sub Heading - DeathValleyDazed - 2021-09-30

This is not a request but a statement of curiosity. Several forum members love to use Google Earth to poke around DEVA and come up with some fascinating finds. Is there enough movement-momentum in this regard to establish a new "Sub Heading - Section" in our forum? Or is just posting in the Photography section, or Environment section adequate. 

Fore instance I was Google Earthing while attempting to locate an old airstrip on White Sage Flats (that MojaveGeek mentioned in another thread) and discovered Rattlesnake Gulch which I have driven through many times but never new the name of and never even thought about searching for the name of the area. I love the name Rattlesnake Gulch which sounds like a vintage black and white cowboy movie. 

Here's the screen shot of Rattle Snake Gulch which just happened to pop up. BTW who and how do these obscure locations get entered into the Google Earth data base in the first place?

RE: Possible New Sub Heading - DAW89446 - 2021-09-30

Whenever I travelled through Rattlesnake Gulch, I was thinking more of encountering a wall of flashflood water than I did snakes ...  Shy

RE: Possible New Sub Heading - MojaveGeek - 2021-10-04

Google maps has a way which supports users entering place name data. I think that is where they get the labels which are not found on the topo maps.