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Construction on Rogers Peak? (And more about DV area comms)
I did not see any construction activity on Rogers Pk last month. I would also think there would be helicopter traffic bringing in the gear, though it could be driven up the road, but not in a big truck.

I, too, missed the bit about a tower at Chloride. If this is an alternative way of getting data from the tower at SPW over to Beatty (IIRC they have a strong presence there?) that might help the SPW data situation, which is very poor at busy times of day.

Strangely, when I was there in March my T-mobile phone would connect to Comnet (which it displayed only as a 6 digit string for network name, but I've verified it is associated with Comnet) in roaming mode, whereas my wife's phone (we share the same family plan) would get T-mobile data off it. But I think Eric was also seeing AT&T there - is one of them leasing bandwidth from the other?

A relay at Grapevine would not be a bad thing. I find a bit of coverage out there to be pretty useful, checking weather and stuff.

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