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Want to start “Where-What Thread” Please Advise
I have some fun and mysterious images from my current time in DEVA and wish to post them for the curious-investigator types to resolve. Where and how should I proceed in this forum?
Life begins in Death Valley
I assume like the old forum, or other forums I’ve seen. Panamint has a “Where’s This Crapper?” (old outhouses) thread, “Window Shots” (looking out or in old building windows; as well out windshields or other vehicle glass); and I believe the old had a thread for members to post photos for others to guess what and where.

I’d just start a new thread, make one post with your intention of how you wish it to go, then make a new post with one image. Then wait a reasonable time for guesses. Then after the first correct post, continue. Or wait a few days or until say, five or so incorrect guesses to be posted, then give away the location or what it is. Then continue.

The outhouse and window threads at has gone on for over a decade with hundreds of posts each.
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If it's photos or images, I would start the new thread in the Photography topic. Keep the topic broad enough to fit the bulk of the subjects.

If you have problems creating a new topic, let me know and we can create it for you.

David Bricker / SYR
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