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Dispersed camping still allowed during the current closure
I am possibly headed to the park tomorrow for my annual backpacking trip and just wanted to drop a note that dispersed camping is indeed still allowed. It was a little bit unclear to me what the current park closure meant, since it said that "backcountry sites" were closed and permits were no longer being issued.

Here is the language from the web site:

In support of the State of California's Regional Stay at Home Order, campgrounds are closed and permits are suspended. Lodging/hotels also close with these orders. Roads, trails, and overlooks remain open.

CLOSED: In support of the State of California's Regional Stay at Home Order, campgrounds are temporarily closed until further notice. This includes developed campgrounds and backcountry sites.

I did speak with someone at the Park yesterday and they said that dispersed camping is still fine. I assume backcountry sites instead means places like the Homestake Dry Camp.
Yes I saw some place that Homestake was closed (as a backcountry site). I'm not sure what else constitutes one. I am not certain but I recall on the earlier closure that camping was still allowed at the Saline springs but they closed the pools or maybe closed them to group use? Eureka Dunes might be considered a back country site - there is a vault toilet there - but I have heard nothing about that. There are a few camp spots at Teakettle Junction but I don't think that's a "backcountry site" per se.

Yes back country established campsites such as Eureka Dunes and Homestake are closed. Dispersed camping is allowed.
And of course no fires allowed. All infiormation is here:

Marble/Cottonwood Canyon loop might be nice this time of year.

I like to be warm. So for me lower elevation places like up Echo and Hole in the Wall Canyons would be my choice. Could even get my R Pod up those roads!

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