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(2023-11-20, 07:34 PM)MojaveGeek Wrote: Very good, I just missed that, silly.

Last time I was in that part of Utah I wanted to head over to Starlight, or at least climb Molly, but it fell off the schedule.  I had a rental sedan and though I would be able to drive to within about 5 miles of Molly.  Does that fit with  your experience?

If you get further west in southern Utah, get in touch, I might have a little known suggestion for a couple of petro / picto sites in the general vicinity of Hurricane.  Email better after Thursday as I'll be off on my own trip south of Tucson and often don't have time to check the board in between all day hikes.
You might get within 5mi of Mollies in a sedan depending on conditions.  There’s a questionable section a few miles from the turn off.  But the whole road to Mollies (Starlight Arch Rd) is deep sand and would be tough walking the 1000ft elevation gain up there.  

However, I was informed by a BLM employee that I might have been up there somewhat illegally driving up that road despite there being zero signs.  At some point it becomes Wilderness and no vehicles.  But the rules on that seem to vary wildly as some Wilderness areas of southern DV are ok to drive through.  Who knows.  

I’m currently enjoying the northern side of Lake Powell.  Let me know if anyone knows any Native American sites up here!   Obviously it was well inhabited I just haven’t heard of many folks exploring up here.
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