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Missing person in the Saline Valley
Ugh, this doesn't smell like its going to end well, if he's been missing for a full week.
Sad situation. I've been out to Jean Lemoigne's final resting place between Salt Creek and the highway twice over the past four years to pay my respects. This missing man may have ended up in similar dire straits. I hope I'm wrong.
Life begins in Death Valley
Yeah, if he got lost somewhere in SV on foot, not looking good at this point. Sad
Shorts, t-shirt and flip flops. Urgh.
Over at the Saline Valley forum there’s been some movement on this SAR. A soaker, a fireman, claims to have smelled a strong odor of a decaying body at one of the main pools. He did state that it could be a dead burro nearby but notified Lee. Recent posts appeared that new eyes and boots may be on the ground soon.
~When You Live in Nevada, "just down the road" is anywhere in the line of sight within the curvature of the earth.
Any more updates?
That's a two-month old YouTube video ... before anyone else starts watching it looking for new info / updates.

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