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Bob & Ward cabin
I haven't been to as many places as a lot of you guys, but I have been to Bob & Ward Cabin. Anybody else been there?
Never heard of this one. Roughly where is it located? Also, got any pix or details to share?
Cabin location here...

Google Maps

Photos of the cabin are 61 through 72 in this gallery...

Cabin Photos
I have to say I'm sorry you are posting detailed information on where this cabin is located. That has been the demise of many nice remote places as there are those who don't respect these jewels.
I agree and that's why I never label the name of the cabin on the gallery. 

But a simple Google search on Bob Ward cabin Death Valley returns with the coordinates, history and photos of the cabin in the top listing.

Google return
Bob & Ward Cabin is hardly a secret. Out of curiosity I went over to google and had the location in less than 15 seconds. Sorry. I'll go over to youtube and see what I can find. The "secret" method of preservation is not working for Bob & Ward. What will work? Maybe nothing. For starters lets go with education, modeling good behaviors, reporting issues, volunteering, and enforcement.
I've known about this one forever but have never visited. At this point in time with information to just about everywhere listed somewhere, I think ski3pin is right that the time has come to focus on educating people, working on upkeep, and enforcing rules. It isn't perfect and won't stop disrespect or vandalism, but the past approach of trying to keep things a secret is no longer a viable option.
(2021-06-27, 10:00 AM)ski3pin Wrote: Bob & Ward Cabin is hardly a secret. Out of curiosity I went over to google and had the location in less than 15 seconds. 

Unfortunately, this is true. In fact, about 12 years ago when I first went there, I was careful not to reveal it to anybody.  Now, though, it's widely publicized. There are a couple of YouTubes about it, in fact.  I'm hoping those who patronize this forum will collectively respect the site's need for privacy.
Soon it will probably show up as an air b&b location. Undecided
~When You Live in Nevada, "just down the road" is anywhere in the line of sight within the curvature of the earth.
Every slip of the tongue is a slip of the tongue. It always leads to one more person who didn’t know about it until eventually the wrong person knows about it. There is enough info out there already, bad etiquette in my opinion.

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