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Next Best Thing To Lake Manly
If you watch this video and pretend that you're in Death Valley you could easily belief you are enjoying one of those rare Lake Manly moments. This is what I was thinking last May 21st when I drove 90 minutes from my home out to the northwest shoreline of the Great Salt Lake. This is where the Union Pacific crosses the Salt Lake causeway heading to and from Wyoming. I was attempting to locate a remote vantage point to observe the rare full blood moon total lunar eclipse which would have been ideal except for the spotting cloud cover later that early morning. 

As luck would have it I was gifted a glorious desert sunset over salt flats and several bodies of water with spectacular back drops lighted up as if by spotlight from the Sun. This video is a bit long but I captured many magical moments as the compositions and scenes changed rapidly with the weather and altitude of the Sun. I scrambled to grab as many scenes as possible, even a flocks of birds migrating far overhead. The most gorgeous shots are actually in the last minute of the video with nature's light/water show. This experience will have to "hold me" until I get my next DEVA fix this Fall 2021. 

Thanks for indulging me here:
Life begins in Death Valley
Nice images there.
Were you at Lakeside?  I've been out there a few times.  I even drove my Honda commuter car out there once.  Big Grin

[Image: 51285155622_7275a0b6ce_o.jpg]
(2021-07-02, 05:46 PM)Candace66 Wrote: Were you at Lakeside? 
Candace, you pull up the most amazing and detailed photos. Yes, it was near Lakeside, actually past that and past the Air Force installation (ordinance testing) range. Any vehicle could make it out there as the road is graded. In fact, I asked directions of the country road graders who were just ending their work day and I drove over a freshly graded road. How cool you've been to the same location.
Life begins in Death Valley

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