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Keen on the Niter Beds Exploration
Late Summer or early Fall I hope to return to DEVA and I'm keen on exploring the Niter Beds because I've seen them mentioned and photographed by various forum members. So this was mined for the manufacture of gun powder? I'd like to see if there are any traces of mining, scraping, or harvesting like the remains of the borax mining out on the flats west of Harmony Borax. 

I'm open to any of your wisdom and experience with the Niter Beds. Here's what I snatched from this forum and the Internet - four images total.
Life begins in Death Valley
I do not think it is really Niter (or any nitrate). At least that's what I read. Just an open and empty all white place. If you check out the maps carefully, you will find there are some mesquite clusters at the edges and some areas are supposed to have bizarre columns supported by the trees (check out Digonnet, I'm not sure where I saw this info).

I was glad to have finally gotten out there. I don't think I'd go back though. But I've been looking at them for so many years...

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