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searching forum tab
(2021-10-04, 06:55 AM)trailhound Wrote: Netllama - First of all, thank you, thank you, thank you for all that you have done. We would have lost a great resource without your efforts.

I searched for my user name "trailhound" expecting that my old posts would appear. Likely, I am missing something or not doing it right.

Its not you. When the data was imported, I searched for exact match usernames (which were case sensitive), and kept those in tact. All others were converted to unknown_dvnet_user to avoid any issues with people complaining (or worse) later that their posts had been copied without their consent into the new forum. Unfortunately, your old username was "Trailhound" and your new username (here) is "trailhound". As Trailhound does not match trailhound, it was treated as different, and converted to unknown_dvnet_user. Perhaps this was a mistake, but it was a choice at the time, and cannot be undone now.

I found several old threads that referenced Trailhound, which is why I suspect the case sensitivity was the issue:

(2021-10-04, 06:55 AM)trailhound Wrote: I wanted to copy my old trip reports, maybe turn them into PDF's.  It's just for sentimental value. Since the pictures are not available, there is nothing more that can be done. 

The images were never captured, so even if the username matching had worked, you would not have found the images.

(2021-10-04, 06:55 AM)trailhound Wrote: I never heard an explanation of why the old owner pulled the site so abruptly. For that matter, why be uncooperative now? What does it gain anybody?

I doubt that anyone has ever received an honest explanation for why the old owner took the site down. There were a variety of highly contradictory explanations provided, along with lies, threats and false promises. I doubt that we'll ever learn the truth.

I'm sorry if what I was able to capture doesn't meet your needs, but it was the best that I could do at the time.
Thanks so much for all your working doing what you could to keep this forum alive, Netlama.   Much appreciated!
You captured plenty. Without your efforts, there would be nothing.
(2021-10-05, 08:07 AM)MojaveGeek Wrote: Thanks so much for all your working doing what you could to keep this forum alive, Netlama.   Much appreciated!


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