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Red Amphitheater
OK, that's funny, you stumbled across a cool place Smile I got there (and passed the info on to Steve, as he passed much on to me of course) after looking at a bunch of satellite images and trying to find red pixels. And bingo, we walked right into them! Was that spot the reason there's the long stretch of wash labelled "Red Amphitheater" on the topo map? None of us will ever know, probably.

But yes, you are good at just wandering around (not quite aimlessly!) and finding good stuff. The video of that day looks pretty cool. Nice!
Thanks people. Before I attempt this does anyone know the mileage from the end of hole in the wall road to Red Amp?
Looking at satellite imagery (to ascertain just where the road ends, which appears to be the old quarry site) and topo maps, the distance appears to be approximately 2.6 miles with 800 feet of elevation gain, all on the way in. Given that you rarely walk in a nice straight line going up a broad wash, perhaps just a bit higher, but not much.

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