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Farabees Jeep Rental - History To Current - Family Tradition
When asking for Richard Farabee to rent another jeep I met Ryan Farabee, Richard's son who has taken over the family business. He patiently brought me up to speed on how the business has over the years transformed from Blanding, Utah, to Moab, to Death Valley and how it is all going currently. The background noise is their power washer being used by Kyler Farabee, grandson of Richard, the founder. Tanner, not pictured is another grandson involved in this popular business. 
Life begins in Death Valley
The competition for off-road vehicle rentals is heating up in Death Valley with the surprise opening of this "off-the-wall" off-base-odd-ball outfit.  During my last trip I actually took all of these images which they ripped off from me in creation of their promo video. These goofballs should provide me a free week rental of their bullet-proof 4X4! Tongue
Life begins in Death Valley
I remember spending several hours talking to Richard within the first couple of weeks that they had opened. Nice fellow. Talked about various roads, and ones not to recommend for novice renters. If I hadn't already bought Gomer, I likely would be renting from him. Considering the money sunk into Gomer at this point, it may have well been cheaper to rent.

David Bricker / SYR
DV Rat.  Live upstate NY, play Death Valley, retiring to Hawaii. '95 Cherokee, barely.
We rented from Farabee's once, many years ago, and definitely had a good experience. In retrospect, though, I'm sure Richard Farabee was quite puzzled when we showed up in our 3rd gen 4Runner with offroad tires etc. and asked about renting a Jeep to drive into Gold Valley, because I recall he looked our 4Runner over, spoke with my dad about the many roads in DV we'd driven it on, and seemed surprised we wanted to rent for Gold Valley but didn't say anything about that; we probably should have told him the 4Runner started having a few issues right before the trip (idle/fuel) that we hadn't been able to figure out and were concerned about taking it off-road on that trip.
Link to my DV trip reports, and map of named places in DV (official and unofficial):
Nice interview. I'm sure I dealt with one of the Farabees when I rented from them last month, and they were very accommodating when it came to my itinerary. It sounds like they do trailhead pickup and dropoff too, so I hope to use them someday for that as well.

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