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Death Valley Dead Drop
Anyone else heard about the "Death Valley Dead Drop" before?  Apparently someone hid $3400 worth of Ethereum (crypto) somewhere in the park:

I couldn't care less about the crypto nonsense, but the concept of there being literal buried treasure somewhere in the park kinda fascinates me.
It doesn't sound like the treasure is even buried Smile Strange. I'm curious, but not enough to go chase after the references.

Funny, right now the banner pic while looking at this message is Striped Butte. I was there for the first time 2 weeks ago. Cool! Thanks again for adding that feature, I really like it!
This reminds me of the treasure buried in the Rocky Mountains by some guy named Forrest Finn. Four people died looking for it. Searchers were drawn to rugged backcountry territory that had no business being there. DV is warming up with 100F already reached. How many will die looking for this treasure?
Finn's treasure was worth a heck of a lot more than this one!
Fenn, not Finn. And everyone I know that had any business dealings with Forrest over the years, and cared to share their opinion, all thought that whole treasure thing was a complete publicity stunt and that there was no actual treasure. Even after it was announced it had been discovered.

The first time I ever heard his name was when someone I worked for told me a story about staying at his place in New Mexico and finding a hidden video camera in the bedroom he put them up in.

All my dealings with Fenn over the years were secondhand, but I'm pretty confident in all the people who shared their experiences with me.
Not nearly on this kind of scale, there was a pronoun that would put a 100 dollar bill in a few Geocaches for the first to find. I was sort of lucky to find one. Sort of lucky because of the hike and climb was somewhat grueling. That was about 18 years ago and that phase out.
Yes, the whole Fenn (thanks for the correction) thing was strange, and remains so. You have gotten much closer to him than I, Taco... sounds like I didn't miss much. And no I was never tempted to go out looking for treasure; the treasure I look for is cool wildlife or flowers or fossils.
Is this worth more or less than the cache of coins buried by the Jayhawkers?  Tongue

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