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Earthquakes Setting Off Ordinance?
Over at r/DeathValleyNP I found this fascinating bit of information in thread about motorcycling around The Argus Range. It appears that a "local" with the handle CaeliRex has experience with this topic. 

"For years we tested ships’ guns in the direction of the Argus Range. Also have lost more than a few missiles in that direction. So, If you do come across something assume it’s live. The base operator is (760) 939-9011. During the 2019 twin earthquakes people recorded explosions & fires in the Argus Range. I’m not sure if they were ever determined to be old mining explosives or something else."

I had never heard of such a thing so am wondering if any of you have similar experience with ammo and earthquakes?
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Google finds no mentions of explosions set off by the quakes.

The warning about reporting and not approaching any unexploded ordnance that you might find is spot on.
That would be extremely unlikely, and any reports can probably be attributed to genuine misunderstandings or misidentifications of rockfall, dust plumes, or electrical fires.
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