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Problem or challenge
This DEVA flooding is causing me some worry. I'm coming back to the valley Oct 28 to Nov 13, and I've got company each of the three weekends. For one couple, this will be their first visit to the park. They might be the easiest to handle, since the tourist sites that I take newbies to are the first to reopen, except for Mosaic Canyon. I am extremely curious to see what that looks like after the deluge; did gravel dump and make climbing easier, or did the water scour out the ground and make it more difficult?

I had planned to take one of the returnees to Sidewinder and to Keane Wonder Mine, both also out. Now I'm thinking Funeral Slot and Dantes View for her.

Other possibilities include exploring off 20 Mule Team road, the dips at Artist's Palette Drive, and the Crack.

Anyone have any suggestions? (Keeping in mind I don't have high-clearance or unlimited energy)

It's going to be interesting looking for changes.
I'd be very interested to hear how different Funeral Slot Canyon looks after the flooding. I'm wondering if the major boulder jam saw some changes, and if there are now additional (or fewer) challenges throughout the canyon. I'd think the slot canyons, especially ones in relatively major drainages like Funeral Slot, would be very likely to look a lot different.

Enjoy your trips, and I look forward to seeing your photos!!
Link to my DV trip reports, and map of named places in DV (official and unofficial):
(2022-09-26, 03:53 PM)Bluegreen kayak Wrote: This DEVA flooding is causing me some worry. I'm coming back to the valley Oct 28 to Nov 13, 

Hey @Bluegreen how did it go? 

What did you do? What did you find?
Mea culpa - what I found was a boatload of germs back home. Not Covid, thankfully, but enough to keep me from doing much.

I'll post more later, but key points were that I didn't see any changes in Mosaic, Golden/Gower, or Funeral Slot. All the old challenges are still there for lots of fun. I don't get past the big boulder pile in Funeral Slot (side canyon?), so I can't tell you how it looks. It was a low key visit, between the road closures and the fact that I had newbies with me who'd never seen Badwater, etc.

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