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Death Valley 2022/23
Great stuff! Glad you keep it coming!
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Between the weather, some boring hikes where I din't find anything, and a few hikes to sensitive areas that I can't publish, I'm afraid things have gotten pretty quiet in here.  

Here's a quick hike I've been meaning to do for a while now.  This is a canyon off of what the maps call Red Amphitheater (not the real RA).  I believe it is a drainage of Pyramid Peak.  It's a very colorful canyon, if short and quite a scramble to get into.  

You can see the white wall from some distance and that's what originally drew me to it.
[Image: img_6369-2.jpg]

A bit of a boulder field on the approach.
[Image: img_6371-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6372-2.jpg]

The scrambling was basically continuous. 
[Image: img_6375-2.jpg]

Extremely colorful though.
[Image: img_6378-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6379-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6380-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6381-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6382-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6383-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6384-2.jpg]

[Image: img_6385-2.jpg]

Great views as I climbed up the back of the canyon and checked out a bunch of small caves that were in the cliff faces.  Why is it that caves look freaking HUGE from the ground but are tiny up close?? Way too many times lately I'm looking at a cave that has to be 10ft across and by the time I scramble 100ft up to it it's... 3ft wide.  I cannot figure out what's wired wrong in my brain.  
[Image: img_6391-2.jpg]

And a gorgeous view on the way out of Hole in the Wall and on towards Furnace.
[Image: img_6397-2.jpg]
So pink and orange! And nice clouds!

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