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Death Valley 2022/23
I thought I’d try something a bit different here. Instead of my usual “here’s something I did 5yrs ago” kind of trip report, let’s try one in real (ish) time. I just arrived in DEVA… well technically Wilderness Study Area 17, but that’s close enough for getting started.  

I plan on exploring/relaxing for the next month or two, give or take.  I’m not really on any kind of schedule.  This will be my … I think my 4th or 5th winter in DEVA but the first time back since 2019/20.  

Obviously the general lack of cell reception in the park will keep this from be properly real-time. And there will be plenty of boring days with nothing interesting to report.  Or at least very boring reports.  Lol.   We’ll see what happens.  

Feel free to drop your suggestions or favorite hikes as I go.  Or road condition questions.  Or say hello if you’re in the neighborhood instead of living vicariously for once.  

Starting off with a trip up to Denning Spring.  There’s an old stage coach stop ruin (Cave Spring) I really want to visit but alas it’s a couple of miles over the border on the military base.  Absolutely no signage or warnings on the road when you pass onto the base (at least no where near where the border is listed on Gaia).  But still didn’t want to risk it.  



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A month in DV, the dream!
Day 2:  Hike to Ibex Dunes/Grimshaw Mine.  

It is extremely quiet in the southern end of the park.  Even on a Saturday I didn’t see another soul out here. All authorized roads I’ve checked out so far are in absolutely perfect condition (washboard notwithstanding).  The Armagosa crossing on Harry Wade is the smoothest I’ve ever seen it.  

The Ibex Dunes have their own magic.  Possibly my new favorite dune field in the park.  Mesquite is always a mess of humanity, footprints and shrieks.  Eureka is stunning but sits almost as one huge monolith.  Ibex is more sensuous and sculpted.  And the mine workings (not particularly tiny themselves) give it scale & contrast.  Man’s scars being slowly erased.  

It was disappointing to see fairly fresh tire tracks headed out there.   I’m seeing that more & more this year, everywhere I go.  “The rules don’t apply to ME” attitude seems to be taking over every where.  





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A couple more from Ibex.  


Bigfoot’s cave??




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Beautiful light!
Is this part of the military area but you are allowed or is part of nps?
Nice photos of Ibex and I like your take on the dunes. I've only ventured through once briefly and need to revisit as it's in my favorite part of the Park. Looking forward to seeing where you're headed next.
(2022-12-18, 12:22 PM)Daymoth Wrote: Beautiful light!
Is this part of the military area but you are allowed or is part of nps?

Ibex Dunes are on NPS land, near Sarasota Springs.
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wow, those are some gorgepus photos.

its been 6+ years since I was out at the Ibex dunes. I agree that they are special.

thanks for sharing!
I wholeheartedly recommend sunset at Ibex dunes.  We did the short easy backpack.  The evening and morning lights upon the dunes and landscape were spectacular.

[Image: 45863858961_d6115511bc_b.jpg]last light, Ibex Dunes. Death Valley National Park by John Morrow, on Flickr
Nice shot John!

I was robbed of a sunset by low horizon clouds at the last minute. But a beautiful hike back in the extended twilight.
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