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My extended DV stay
Good your car made it out! I called few days ago to ask about Marble road conditions after wednesdays storm and I can see why they closed it.

Its been several seasons now that the Cottonwoods keep eluding me. Some day.

The photo with the moody clouds is gorgeous.
(2023-03-18, 09:13 AM)Brice Wrote:
(2023-03-18, 06:45 AM)John Morrow Wrote: What narrow canyon is that?  PM me if sensitive and don't mind sharing?  I can't picture a spot in main Marble Cany that looks like that, though it may be.

It's marble Canyon.  I think it's here 36.59254, -117.36369

Oh yeah, OK.  I forget about those middle narrows
(2023-03-18, 09:19 AM)Daymoth Wrote: The photo with the moody clouds is gorgeous.

If I could choose the weather every time I go hiking, I would never choose rain.  But one thing I try to keep in mind, is that inclement weather can produce the best sights and most memorable experiences.  It will be a long time before I forget about my swim up marble canyon.  It's almost like every cloud has a silver lining.  Smile
Went to the southern Panamints to bag some peaks.

[Image: APIRAbu.jpg]

This photo is from most of the way up Anvil Spring Point, south of warm spring canyon road. The far upper right is Sugarloaf peak, where I will be the next day.

[Image: JIGlmJX.jpg]

Lots of flowers in the wash.

[Image: DZyqHAj.jpg]

I finally found a blooming desert five-spot!  Of course this one had to be closing up for the night so I couldn't get a nice photo.  This old road is covered with the plant, though only this one was in bloom.  There were a few more that will be blooming in the next week or two.

[Image: FK8AiQK.jpg]

The parasitic dodder plant is also all over the place.

[Image: ARZxJHy.jpg]

Crazy red insect. More than an inch long. Look at those antennae.

[Image: GO3A32J.jpg]

View from the top of Sugarloaf, looking east.

[Image: 2DRK9mp.jpg]
Blister Beetle!!!
(2023-03-24, 08:22 AM)Daymoth Wrote: Blister Beetle!!!

Ohh Thanks for the ID!  That allowed me to look up more info.  It's specifically Lytta magister, or the master blister beetle.  Here's a neat photo of it trying to protect itself with its yellow blistering blood.
Ive never seen one in person, they look stunning

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