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No gas at SPW
NPS site says no gas at SPW "at least until 6 March" - i.e., today.   Just to add to your woes.  They say there is gas at FC - it's usually on the order of a dollar a gallon more expensive there.
Well hopefully this means they are finally replacing the pump!
I’ll likely drive through there tomorrow. See if I can remember to check.

Being a diesel SPW doesn’t do me any good. Lol.

But I doubt it’s pump replacement. No signs of impending construction when that warning came out.
(2023-03-06, 09:39 PM)Beardilocks Wrote: Being a diesel SPW doesn’t do me any good.  Lol. 

My exhausted brain and how you wrote this made me think for a moment that you are a diesel. Then I remembered it's your Cruiser that drinks diesel fuel  Big Grin
Link to my DV trip reports, and map of named places in DV (official and unofficial):
PSR had gas on March 1st, when we came through. They are cheaper than Furnace Creek.

David Bricker / SYR
DV Rat.  Live upstate NY, play Death Valley, retiring to Hawaii. '95 Cherokee, barely.
I run on beer and granola bars. But it’s often hard for me to mentally separate from my truck.

Stopped at SPW today. Gasoline was flowing and they said all problems are fixed.

Pricing Furnace vs. SPW is about $0.80/gal cheaper in SPE today.

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