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Burros shot in DV
From the Sacramento Bee

Five burros killed by gunshots have been discovered in Death Valley National Park in California, rangers reported. The slain burros were found last week in the Lower Wildrose Canyon area of the park, rangers said in a July 13 news release. “The burros were killed with a low-caliber firearm not typically used to hunt big game,” ranger Nichole Andler told the Los Angeles Times. “They were all together in one area of lower Wildrose Canyon.”

Burros are an invasive species in the national park, but it’s still illegal for visitors to kill them, the release said. Rangers are investigating the killings. “It is illegal to discharge a firearm in a national park and it poses a threat to public safety,” rangers said. “The abandoned carcasses also endanger native wildlife who inadvertently ingest toxic lead shot when feeding on the dead animals.” Park officials are working to remove the estimated 4,000 wild burros from Death Valley, according to rangers and the Los Angeles Times, but the five found dead were not part of any relocation efforts.

Wild burros damage sensitive hot springs by trampling plants and fouling water, rangers said. They also compete with sheep and other native wildlife for scarce resources. Burros can damage important cultural sites, such as historic cabins and archeological sites, rangers said. “While these animals have a negative impact on the natural and cultural desert environment, park officials say these irresponsible actions are not warranted,” rangers said.

They ask anyone with information to call or text the National Park Service Tip Line at 888-653-0009. Death Valley National Park covers 5,346 square miles and sees more than 1.1 million visitors each year, the Associated Press said.
Super great. Some yahoo is using the park for target practice.

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