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Death Valley CLOSED: Fall/Winter 23/24 Trip Planning
(2024-02-07, 08:54 PM)TacoLand Wrote: Sounds gnarly. Thankfully you've got the inside of your truck to keep you company.

Sorry, low hanging fruit. Hopefully you're still getting some adventures / experiences in while all this is going on.

Yep, only my steering wheel to make out with.  Fun times in the Land Cruiser.  Not going insane in the slightest.  

Had a good hike today between rain events.  Will post soon.  Unless life is more interesting.  Praying life is more interesting.  But to the evil genie listening: fun more interesting, not drama more interesting ok??!?
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I talked with NPS yesterday and was informed Emigrant wouldn’t open until late April. So I wrote it off for this year.

I come back from a hike today to see that Emigrant & West Side are now both open.

I just can’t with NPS lately…

But West aside is now open from the south to Trail (Hanaupah is still closed but all other side canyon roads are open). The north entrance to west side was totally wiped out, absolutely no surprise there.

Just in time for the hot weather next week!
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I am in LV and driving over to DV later today. Did some nice rock art touring yesterday down at the southern tip of NV in the new national monument. The forecast for later this week is still hot, but not as hot as it was looking earlier in the week. Pleased to see the Emigrant is open but note that not past Wildrose camp.

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