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Arches again
Much earlier in the year, I saw a week in Devil's Garden campground open up, so I reserved it and was lucky enough to go there this time (Sept 30-Oct 6). I had an unexpected two day layover in Ogallala for water in the gas that kept my engine from turning over (luckily it wasn't a dead fuel pump), and some anxiety whether the possible government shut down would force me out of the park, but it all turned out okay. Since there's not much coming from DV trips, here's a little activity.

Outside the park entrance, there's this great example of faulting on the hillside, with some showy colors as well:
[Image: 53252139564_db168b594f_c.jpg]

My first hike was to Tower Arch, shown below, but I wasn't comfortable exploring like I would have wanted, because there were dark threatening clouds on the horizon and the road is impassible when wet. I enjoyed the exercise and what scenery I did see, and made it back safely.
[Image: 53252070643_5e5043452a_c.jpg]
A rock that looks like Jabba the Hutt for Star Wars fans:
[Image: 53250872922_6b6a15948d_c.jpg]

I've looked at this area often on Google Earth, thinking that there might be a different way back from the arch that would make the trail a lollipop instead of just out and back. I did follow a wash off the trail, hoping, but ran into this dead end (for me at least; someone more agile might try it). Impressive rocks anyway.

[Image: 53251781036_7245a556e5_c.jpg]

In the wash I came across these interesting layered rocks, very different from all the red sandstone around them.

[Image: 53250872907_2cf0c5309a_c.jpg]
A couple pictures of the fun parts of the trail, both near the trailhead. After you get past them, it's a lot easier. Of course, you enjoy them all over again coming back.

[Image: 53252253405_e60c108de7_c.jpg]

[Image: 53252070573_2b332cf2bc_c.jpg]

Came across these odd circles in a patch of rocks on my return trip:
[Image: 53251780866_d51917588b_c.jpg]

I was delighted driving back to spot this bit of color in the wash next to the road
[Image: 53252276130_6f6f50ab12_c.jpg]

I'll post some more later when time permits.
Those are great pictures! Please post more.
Nice pic, and probably a great time of year for Arches. Thanks for the interesting pix. Always fun to try to explore a route, even if it doesn't go.
More pictures from this trip. Sunday night it rained; since I don't like slipping on wet skinny spots, on Monday morning I took a scenic drive through the La Sal mountains, with peaks in the 12 thousands. Nice autumn foliage like these aspens:

[Image: 53263606881_ac7cca35df_c.jpg]

And dramatic views driving back down:
[Image: 53263606836_7057172cfa_c.jpg]

In the afternoon, I explored rocks and spots off the road that weren't trails, making sure I stayed in washes and on hard surfaces, avoiding the biological soil crust that is an amazing bit of nature.  One such side trip was this cave-like opening that I drove past everyday, and finally decided this was the day I would see it up close.

[Image: 53262725572_976c52895d_c.jpg]

After some scrambling and route finding, a look inside:

[Image: 53263923013_0e50f9f8fc_c.jpg]

Tuesday morning I set out for the Primitive Trail, the one I got lost on several times last visit. This experience was no different, but it has always ended up happily, so I keep trying it. First I have to see Landscape Arch, because I'm never sure it'll be there next time.  It did drop a bunch of rock back in 1991, and as a result the park rerouted the viewing area so you don't go under it anymore.
[Image: 53262725287_10e154066b_c.jpg]

Getting to Landscape is an easy walk; it's after there that the fun starts. Your next destination is Double O Arch, with a few side trips on the way. The trail immediately goes up:

[Image: 53263606311_3e51568070_c.jpg]

The sandstone looks like it would be slippery but it has a lot of "grab" to it, luckily. Here's another view of this climb, looking backward:

[Image: 53262725282_f5d7096e60_c.jpg]

There's a side trip on the way that leads to both Partition and Navajo Arches. I skipped Partition - it's an impressive arch but the ground under it slopes down too steeply for my comfort - but I like to visit Navajo, which looks like a portal to somewhere. Here it is overhead, with the trail on the left and the back of the arch to the right:

[Image: 53277807903_5915599045_c.jpg]

Behind it I climbed up for the view:
[Image: 53277988975_da255ca5a9_c.jpg]

And back down again:
[Image: 53277807748_699e6efafe_c.jpg]

I enjoy these explorations because they feel like slot canyons, just very straight ones. Back to the trail and more pictures later.
Beautiful stuff and looks like you had nice/dramatic weather. Thanks for taking the time to share ... Utah is freakin’ amazing.
Arches is pretty cool, though I have not been there in what, 35 years? I went over an Easter weekend and talk about crowded... of course they were not rationing park entrance back then so I should not complain!
While composing my last DV trip report, I realized I hadn't finished this one, and there are some pictures I'm very eager to share. Mea culpa. Picking up with the second part of the Primitive Trail:

Many folks follow the Primitive Trail to Double O Arch; look carefully to see the second, smaller arch underneath the showy one.

[Image: 53277521081_38005afc02_b.jpg]Double O Arch i

Much further on, there's one traverse that scared the heck out of me both times I've done it. As you see below, it looks like you're walking on severely pitched rock, with a considerable drop to the right.

[Image: 53277521111_68d7e5cb58_c.jpg]

This trip I managed to turn around and take a picture after crossing over. I was very surprised to see how different it looks from this side. Still a challenge but not as much of a nightmare as I thought it was.

[Image: 53277871214_cc6445464c_c.jpg]The last scary spot looking back

And finally, some of the arches near the campground; easy walks to these curiosities of nature. First up, a favorite for children, Sand Dune Arch.

[Image: 53263959009_f74a393f09_c.jpg]Sand Dune Arch entry

[Image: 53262725537_a43955db6f_c.jpg]Sand Dune Arch approach

[Image: 53263958974_6edac282c7_c.jpg]Sand Dune Arch

And Tapestry Arch, which I saw from the trail but didn't try to get close to.
[Image: 53263958654_d4a08c5992_c.jpg]Tapestry Arch

My apologies for the long delay. I have another reserved spot here in September again; looking forward to showing this park to my son.

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