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Idiots Wreck in Titus
I’m betting NPS makes examples of these two and fines them into next year.  They definitely deserve it. 

I am 1000% not buying the “GPS told us to” lie they’re telling.  They thought they could get away with it and karma slammed them back down to earth.
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"Yeah our app lied to us, even though pretty much all apps know about road closures, and ignored the concrete barriers, locked gate, signage, and road damage to continue through"
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Maybe the hospital, NPS, law enforcement agencies and rescuers for both the man and bike ought to tell him/them that there will be no charge for anything in connection with their actions. Then they can tell the bill collectors that they were lied to ...
~When You Live in Nevada, "just down the road" is anywhere in the line of sight within the curvature of the earth.
Of course they were not following an app because... there's no place to go which would direct you through Titus. But at least on the desktop version of google maps there is no marked closure. Nonetheless... that photo makes the road look pretty closed Smile There are reviews of "Titus Canyon Trailhead" on Google and the lone 1 star review shows a photo from 10 months ago with closed gate and signs, but no concrete barriers. Maybe the trashed bike will stay there like the various old car wrecks around the valley. Nah, it is not of historical value, just hysterical.

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