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Anyone been up Telephone Canyon?
Planning a trip to DVNP with my granddaughter next month.  We want to explore the Tucki Mine area and the Martin Crossing cabin, so I wanted to check if anyone has been up Telephone Canyon since the roads reopened recently.  I'm trying to decide which Jeep to bring.  I can get pretty much anywhere in my heavily modified JK, but we are bringing my micro camper to use as a base camp at Stovepipe Wells, so I would rather use my mostly stock JL Rubicon.  Anyway, just curious of the conditions.  We are also headed up Lemoigne Canyon so she can see the cabins and mines, but we already had the Rubicon all the way to the wilderness boundary when we hunting for the wagon.
I drove the length of the Tucki mine road last year and it was fine (in a lifted 4runner).  There are a couple of small dryfalls to climb up but they aren't too bad.

I can tell you that as of last week, the junction with Emigrant road has been recently bulldozed to a level that looked sedan passable as I drove by, but I don't know how far they would have continued that up the canyon.
We got a good look at the start last week when we drove past. I'm just wondering how far they ran that bulldozer and how the upper section is after the big storms. I'm leaning towards using the Rubicon since it tows the camper so much better. If we get into a tight spot we can always return with the JK this fall.

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