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Death Valley National Park to Launch Online Backcountry Permits System on (
~When You Live in Nevada, "just down the road" is anywhere in the line of sight within the curvature of the earth.
Ugh. That’s horrible. Not only are backcountry camping permits moving to ($8 fee) but they’re also charging $10 on top of that? Absolutely ridiculous. Especially for Greenwater Valley.

So so angry about that. There no damn reason to charge $18/night fir Greenwater permits.
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(2024-03-29, 12:59 PM)Beardilocks Wrote: Ugh.  That’s horrible.  Not only are backcountry camping permits moving to ($8 fee) but they’re also charging $10 on top of that?  Absolutely ridiculous.  Especially for Greenwater Valley. 

So so angry about that.  There no damn reason to charge $18/night fir Greenwater permits.

Is the fee really $8? The last time I used it was $2 for a "free" timed entry permit to red rocks.
Last time I tried for a free permit (campground in… UT maybe? 2023) it was an $8 fee.

Guess someone will have to try in DVNP starting May and see what happens.
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Obviously it is not up and running yet, just tried in for a July date (I know, I know but I wanted to be sure idiots with autoreserve apps wouldn't lock it out) and only Furnace Creek showed up.

They still have not fixed the no-show problem with  My prediction is that like many Park service campgrounds, there will be people who reserve be never cancel, locking out everyone else.  

Sigh, I will have to go elsewhere I suppose. $18 dollars is very high.  It seems ridiculous to charge for no services whatsoever.
Is there any info on how those fees are being allocated? What percentage goes to the park, vs. the NPS, vs. somewhere else?
So it is worth noting that DVNP is specifically calling this a "Backcountry Roadside Camping Permit" and not a "Campsite". Looking at the fee schedule on there is a fee difference between those.

For campsites it is an $8 reservation fee plus the variable use fee.

For "permits" the reservation fee is variable along with the use fee.

We will have to wait and see of course, but it does appear that no one should be making the assumption the cost is $18. It could very well be $10 in total as the press release states.

And I agree, for the southern end of Greenspring this is unnecessary. They should have required permits only for the northern portion of Greenspring closer to 190 where I could see an argument for more regulation akin to Echo and Hole in the Wall.

For me this is probably fine as I only rarely use any of these sites, when I do it is usually low visitation times of the year, and I know when I'm coming as I have to book flights well in advance. Knowing where I have a spot and not having to stop by the VC could be a benefit. I totally understand folks apprehension about these sites being immediately reserved six months in advance for busy periods. In general moving things from same day in person reserving to online months in advance reserving makes them suck more...

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