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Curated Vintage Mining Drill Into Beatty Museum

April 1, 2024 Monday the vintage Ingersoll-Rand compressed air hard rock drill/jackhammer donated by Jim Harris (age 93) and his wife Anna, was placed in The Beatty Museum. They shipped the 70 lbs tool to my home where I prepared a mount/display and then transported it personally to the museum. 

The delightful Nicole Altman, a vital community member of Beatty, NV oversaw the curation of the tool and display into the museum. I hope some of you will stop by and check it out personally when you're in the area. The Harris Family chose The Beatty Museum over the National Park facility in Death Valley because it will be much more visible to the public rather than cataloged away and stored out of sight. 

BTW, the only other living gold miner from the Death Valley era that I'm aware of is Emmett C. Harder who is two years younger than James Harris. Harder is author of "These Canyons Are Full Of Ghosts." Harder and Harris never met each each other. Harder is known for his adventures in the more southern portion of DEVA and for his encounters with the Charlie Manson gang/cult. I last spoke with Harder on the phone about a year ago so I hope he's doing ok. 

Jim Harris has a better memory than mine and he plays bridge several nights a week when he's not traveling with his delightful wife Anna. They climbed Telescope Peak together back in the day.
Life begins in Death Valley
That's awesome. Thank you to Jim and Anna for donating this to the Beatty Museum, and thank YOU for all your work making this happen!
Link to my DV trip reports, and map of named places in DV (official and unofficial):
Wow that was a lot of work, very thoughtful!

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