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Gravel, Gold Dust, Scorpion Shadows Up Trellis Canyon
While preparing this 2.5 minute long video documenting the most massive rock avalanche I've personally encountered in Death Valley I ran across some fun lore about The Lost City of Gold and The Scorpions shadowy formations which are coincidentally and allegedly located high up the Trellis Canyon wall at the source of this rock avalanche. So did this recent, 2022 act of nature destroy these legendary artifacts? For more details, photos, and documents about these Death Valley legends and lore see the two links in the video description box. Kudos to Steve Hall for consulting and contributing to some of this content. 

I remain amazed at the forces Hurricane Hilary dropped so far inland from The Pacific Ocean during February 2024. Her torrential rain completely washed away several hundred tons of rock debris leaving no trace, like a good girl. 

Life begins in Death Valley

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