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Death Valley cheated out of the hot spot
I noticed that AccuWeather as printed in the LA Times and likely elsewhere is wrong for the nation's hot spot the previous day.  For yesterday, they list Phoenix as hottest at 103.  Yet, DV is 107.  I sent a complaint.  We will see if they respond.

[Image: dv1-S.jpg]

[Image: dv2-S.jpg]
(2024-06-02, 02:10 PM)TacoLand Wrote: Death Valley isn't a city ...

That's what the * is for. 

Big Grin
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Death Valley has a year round population and an official weather station. They used to report it as the nation's highest when it was. Still waiting on an answer from AccuWeather.
Today, Needles was listed as the hot spot at 102. But Fresno, a well established town, was 105. DV was 117. So much for AccuWeather. Call it WrongWeather.
Though AccuWeather and its ilk show up as widgets and sidebars on my computer and tablet, I ignore them. I go straight to the source, NOAA page for my hometown. There is a page linked to the main page where I can see what the running current and past temperatures, precipitation, snow totals and deviations from normal are for each month and date, clear back into the 1880s.
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