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A Lost Death Valley (and surrounding area) Video
Here's a video I made a few years back, my preferred method of exploring DV is mostly on two wheels with short hikes around wherever I camp but there should be a little something in here for everyone. I hope you enjoy! 

Some fantastic photography. Love the pinnacles time lapse!
Check me out on YouTube @ BetterGeology!

And my out-of-date website
Nice video!

I don’t do videos much, but I’m glad I watched this one. Nice cloud studies. I liked the drone footage. Locations.  Cool
~When You Live in Nevada, "just down the road" is anywhere in the line of sight within the curvature of the earth.
That's a lovely time lapse. The photography on your website is gorgeous too!
Stunning! Really liked it, full screen, great res!
Where's the site with what looks like an old swing set of pipes?
Is that the Lippincott Mine road up from the Saline with the squiggles, just before the sand dunes?
Really nice video, gotta watch the drone use in the park though.
Thanks for the kind words, glad folks like it!  Since I live close by anytime there's rain forecasted is when I want to be there with photography in mind. It's even more of a magical place during storms. 
I'm really looking forward to this coming DV season...
MojaveGeek, PM sent as I'm not fond of sharing some locations publicly. It's outside the park where I generally spend most of my time exploring, and flying.  Big Grin
I know that swing set .... one of my favorite zones "in the area" – great stuff. Thanks for posting!
I'm totally into video trip reports and loved this one. I'm a sucker for violin music and Lindsay Sterling nails the mood of your cinematography as if it were an IMAX production. The time lapses, drone shots, weather conditions, motorcycle riding, underwater to above water and the concluding shot with you on your bike are superb. My only regret in viewing it was my inability to make it go full screen mode so I'll slip over to your own website to see it will go full screen there. If so I'll watch it on my big screen TV. Thanks for dropping your creativity off here for me to enjoy!
Hey Lost Roadie, my wife and I just watched your video on our big flat screen TV with the volume up on surround sound. My wife who could care less about the desert love your work and was definitely pulled in by Lindsey's violin soundtrack. My wife also loves your handle and website byline "Get lost!" as do I.

How do you capture those amazing drone shots of you on your motorcycle? You must have a companion along or the drone has an auto pilot of some sort?

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