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Rio Tinto Locates New Mining Claims Next to DVNP
Rio Tinto's borates and lithium company US Borax recorded 220 new mining claim location notices with Inyo County Dec. 9, 2020.

The new claims named PLATEAU 32 through PLATEAU 304 are located on the mesa above Ryan Camp just outside the east boundary of the park. This is the same area where Rio Tinto holds 231 other active claims located between 1983 and 1991.  This brings the total active mining claims in that area to 451 which belong to Rio Tinto.

The Google Map link below shows the approximate location of PLATEAU 32.  The roads and the pads are from the 1983 to 1991 location project.

Google Map of mine claim area PLATEAU 32

Below are PDF copies of documents and records from the Inyo County Recorder on the recent filings.

PDF - Location Notice PLATEAU 32
PDF - Location Notice PLATEAU 304
PDF - Inyo County Recorder Dec. 9, 2020 Location Notices

Below is a PDF copy of a report from the BLM database showing the active US Borax claims from the 1983 to 1991 location project. Those claims are named RYAN ###.

PDF - BLM LR2000 Report on Ryan Claims

Here is a PDF copy of a 1991 article from the US Borax magazine Pioneer where the author talks about the 1991 mining claim location project.

“Quietly, over the past eight years, the US Borax Exploration department has staked mining claims and drilled a series of exploratory holes on the basalt capped plateau above the old company-owned town of Ryan.”

Ryan Revisited by Steven B. Carpenter

The new PLATEAU records are not yet in the BLM database.  Once the records are available the new claims can be mapped with the original claims to see what size area is involved.
Interesting, thanks. I wonder what in particular they might hope to mine up there?
Most likely they would mine for borax.  And since they have figured out that there can be lithium with the borax, they would end up with two resources.

Rio Tinto kicks off $10m pilot hoping to become the largest lithium miner in US
You sure can see the results of their prospecting on the mountainside. Lots of roads, drill pads.
~When You Live in Nevada, "just down the road" is anywhere in the line of sight within the curvature of the earth.
Yes the pads are all over the place up there. It is still a nice place to visit. Had a very nice walk from 190 along some of the old roads to the overlook above Ryan, which also has a great view down toward Furnace.

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