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Little Bridge and Lower Monarch Canyons
I spent two weeks in Death Valley last October/November; had a great time and a number of new-to-me experiences. I arrived at the campground on Sunday before a big windstorm hit; ended up triple-staking my tent and weighting it down with water bottles to keep it in place. What a night! Monday I hiked up Little Bridge Canyon and was happy that the winds didn't affect the canyon much. The bridge looked wonderful for my first visit, as did a large grey rock further up that I ended up napping on for a bit.

[Image: 50727546001_9ca8282942_s.jpg]

Coming back down and pausing to fix my shoe laces, I looked up to see this rock:
[Image: 50726811858_826a977f0d_s.jpg]
with three fossils in it! Another new experience, and one that impressed my granddaughter (she's 8).
[Image: 50727643392_28359e7c9f_s.jpg]  [Image: 50726815913_3d72655b9a_s.jpg]  [Image: 50727544431_ba73495f2f_s.jpg]

Tuesday I went up Lower Monarch Falls canyon, which was quite a boulder scramble both up and down. There was water in the falls, but not very much.
[Image: 50727548476_179155f82a_s.jpg]
There was also lots of mining camp relics around like these stove parts:
[Image: 50726817958_9dbe45628b_s.jpg]
But my favorite was the really groovy rocks on the canyon wall:
[Image: 50726818703_dd68c49cd7_s.jpg]
Way cool! Two areas I've never visited. Is Little Bridge worth the hike?
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Little Bridge was definitely worth the hike, and would probably be an easy one for you, although it is uphill most all the way. There were several interesting rock formations, and I forgot to post a picture of the arch on the west side with its great colors.
Julie and I spent day after Pearl Harbor Day in Little Bridge Canyon. You would like it Andrew.
The images are sadly showing up as tiny thumbnails with no links to large versions ... anyone else having better luck seeing these?
(2020-12-16, 06:26 PM)TacoLand Wrote: The images are sadly showing up as tiny thumbnails with no links to large versions ... anyone else having better luck seeing these?

Its not just you, same here.
Nice find on the snail fossils! It's interesting how sometimes there's just one lone rock in a canyon wash with lots of fossils in it.
Link to my DV trip reports, and map of named places in DV (official and unofficial):
Sorry about the photos - I uploaded them from my camera to Flickr, then used the "insert image" button to provided the URL link. The dialogue box gave me places to type in width and length; I experimented with them, getting a bigger picture but losing definition so it was just a fuzzzy shot. Open to suggestions, please.
Don't know how to fix the photo issue but I definitely recall being impressed by those wavy rocks in lower Monarch, even though it was over a decade ago!

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