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Hard Luck Castle reportedly sold
Re the Airbnb across from Bonnie Claire: $500/night with a two-night minimum...I think I'll keep sleeping in the 4Runner. Big Grin 

Maybe I overlooked something, but it's not clear to me just how much you are roughing it in that house.  It says there are bathrooms, presumably with running water.  But is there electricity?  Air conditioning or heat?  That's close enough to Hwy 93 to have cell service at least.
There's enough hints in the article that one should be able to find it on GE. I'm guessing the power is solar panels on the sloped sections of the roof. It says "spring fed". Hmm. Looks like you can see the playa in the background in at least one pic. No AC I guess, based on the description of ventilation. Saw $250 cleaning fee some place. Looks like a nice house, though.
The pristine views from that property may not last long.  Iconic Minerals is doing lithium exploration in that area...

Iconic Minerals Bonnie Claire Property
I guess I should check in with Jack before I buy any property in remote parts of Nevada!

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