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Seeking Input: Stuck in Butte Valley for two days ...
(2021-02-23, 11:24 AM)Candace66 Wrote: While I don't miss putting the Heep in the shop regularly, I do miss some of those Rubi capabilities.  But I knew going in that the SR5 4Runner was a step down. 

TBH I almost never actually used the lockers.  Though I did engage them occasionally just to make sure they were still functional.  But the front sway bar disconnect was great for keeping better wheel contact on eroded roads.  And the ultra low range was great too, I could just ease it down the steepest descents with no braking.

Maybe you can put some of the money you’ve saved by getting a 4Runner rather than paying for your Jeep’s time in the shop by modifying and upgrading your 4Runner so that it equals or surpasses the capabilities of your Jeep. Smile I’ve found that the info on and some other websites and forums is a great place to start for learning about what some of the options are for getting some goodies for your 4Runner. I think you can probably add a lot of the items that were mentioned in regards to the Jeep to your 4Runner with aftermarket parts, e.g. Marlin Crawler transfer case for lower gears; though you may already know more about all this than I do, since you were modifying your Xterra and I’m just learning about these mods now Smile 
Link to my DV trip reports, and map of named places in DV (official and unofficial):
(2021-02-23, 11:24 AM)Candace66 Wrote: Off-topic, I chuckled when you mentioned the V-notch at Swansea.  I was a bit underinformed about the road when I drove the loop in 2015, exiting via Swansea.  I was in the upgraded Xterra so I made it through unscathed, but it was...exciting.  According to my notes from that day, there's a bypass around that section, is that correct?

I drove past this sign facing the other direction shortly after that stretch.  They're not kidding! Tongue 

[Image: 50973603617_f881a7af29_c.jpg]IMGP7151 by Candace66, on Flickr

Yes, the V-notch has a bypass.  It's on the left heading up from highway 136 (north side of the V-notch).  I've never been up the bypass, so not sure what it's like.  Also, the rough stairsteps on the Swansea grade are getting quite a bit more nasty, undoubtedly because of folks with open differentials.  I'd rather the V-notch not have the bypass, frankly, to act as a bit of a gatekeeper.  If you can't make the V-notch, you won't make the stairsteps.

And yes, I find it odd that the difficulty sign is only from the Swansea direction.  No sign anywhere else on the route.

David Bricker / SYR
DV Rat.  Live upstate NY, play Death Valley, retiring to Hawaii. '95 Cherokee, barely.

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