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Last Chance Solo: A Death Valley Adventure - Now public
Steve Hall's award winning documentary about one of his DEVA adventures is available for all to enjoy. Personally, I enjoyed Steve's creative efforts in his YouTube production.
Life begins in Death Valley
Just finished watching it. It was neat to follow Steve on his adventure. Really amazing views.
We watched Steve's video last night. I chrome-casted it to a big screen. It really shows well. Production values were nice. Steve is one rough, tough hiker. What did his pack weigh at the start - 75 pounds?
Thanks for the heads up, Dazed. I'll have to check this out soon.

Oddly enough, YouTube auto-recommended another video that was just posted by some 4wd Dorks we laughed at while in the Park last week. Can't wait to see whether or not they could get their $100k Jeeps down Lippincott. Oooohhhhh. The suspense!

Also saw your re-post from Steve's blog about why he's removing his site and wish him all the best. His website and forum posts back in the day contributed to my enjoyment of DVNP over the years. Hope he takes care of himself and enjoys his time with his family.
Well, it took me a few days but I got through it.
I enjoyed seeing some scenery I may not get to on foot. I have heard it is possible to get into Round Valley from Corridor Canyon. I eyeballed the route while I was in Corridor a few years ago (well I checked and it was 10 years ago, time does fly) and it seemed likely one could at least get out of the Corridor at the north end.

But carrying that much water weight down and through the Corridor would have been much harder. Will, while in Round Valley looking in to the Corridor from the top would be cool.

Anyway, yup, that was one heavy pack Steve hauled in there. But what a treat, once you get your water in, to be able to spend some days exploring in there.

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