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Palmer Canyon and Lone Pine, Mar 2021
Last installment of my most recent visit. Since I now had two young men (son and nephew) along and we were at Texas Springs, I took them up to Funeral Slot Canyon. This was my best trip there ever, because of the company and because I didn't get lost going or returning, like the last two times. Unfortunately, the sun was overhead, so none of my pictures turned out very good. Lighting really does make a difference.

Sunday the boys explored Mosaic Canyon while I went into Pahrump for block ice, supplies, and Mass. We met at Stovepipe's gift shop; son returned to Ridgecrest while nephew and I headed out for Palmer Canyon and another overnight. We found the path on the other side of Fall Canyon's wash, walked down the next wash and came to the Badlands Bridge, which tells me we're on the trail.

[img][Image: 51045544438_ca5ff32509_k.jpg]Badlands Bridge by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

Further down that we spotted the cairn that marks where to turn up again, with this truly interesting rock next to it.
[img][Image: 51045518938_a0b6be9d64_k.jpg]PalmerCyn cool rock by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

It's funny - I looked for this rock on our return trip, but with the sun in a different angle, it didn't look anywhere as good. As we walked up and around the Cauldron, we noticed our shadows on the next ridge. My most artsy shot ever? Nephew is in front/left, in shorts of course, and me behind with my poles to help. 
[img][Image: 51045496263_8493075747_k.jpg]PalmerCyn shadows by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

We reached Palmer, set up the tents, and had a nice hot supper with no problems this time.The sun went behind the Cottonwoods and the day was over, just like that - whomp! Next morning we headed up the canyon for a wonderful hike. I last saw Palmer in 2017 so I was eager to renew my memories, which had become somewhat faded. Spooky narrows full of mystery are one of my favorite things.

[img][Image: 51046458337_d357ff2235_k.jpg]PalmerCyn grey walls by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

It's funny but I think I have a photo of my son from 2017 at this same spot. The contrasting colors on the facing walls are so captivating.
[img][Image: 51046316217_cfa2f129dd_k.jpg]PalmerCyn blue/gold narrow by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

This pointy formation reminded me of the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter:
[img][Image: 51046220451_202f624aa4_k.jpg]PalmerCyn Sorting Hat by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

And then you arrive at that marvelous 80 foot red rock dry fall.
[img][Image: 51045503838_99acf4f4ed_k.jpg]PalmerCyn dryfall far by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

Note the difference in height between my nephew and me; it made keeping up with him impossible, but he was a big help with the difficult climbing spots, of which Palmer does have one.
[img][Image: 51045507433_0b019546e3_k.jpg]PalmerCyn dryfall us by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

On the way back, we had time to dip into the Cauldron and explore it a bit. I came across this buried rock with an exposed face and what looked like maybe a fossil on it, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking. It was about two inches across.
[img][Image: 51046305057_c4d5afcb9e_k.jpg]Cauldron fossil? by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

And back to Texas Springs before putting nephew on his flight back to Fargo. I climbed a hill to see the campground and decided to post this pic for lurkers who haven't been to DV yet and might be wondering what things look like.
[img][Image: 51052170856_09be293974_k.jpg]Texas Springs campsite by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

On my own and thoroughly exhausted, I drove to Lone Pine to see what was there. Threatening clouds were building to the west but nothing happened; they just made the Sierra Nevadas look very ominous behind the Alabama Hills, a site used frequently by filmmakers for western or strange scenery.
[img][Image: 51052234491_a9fa53d9c3_k.jpg]Sierras and hills by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

I took the short Arch Loop trail: lots of delightful rounded rocks and arches.
[img][Image: 51052227631_d6275cc9ac_k.jpg]Moibus Arch by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]
[img][Image: 51051511028_de27a4620e_k.jpg]Unnamed arch by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

On a future visit, I think I might like to camp up near here and do some more hiking. Any recommendations on campgrounds and trails from those of you who have done so?

Later on, I drove to Beatty for laundry and phone calls. I remembered some forum discussion about the Atomic Inn and its new buildings, so I took a shot of the construction:
[img][Image: 51052313407_c900e6b3a1_k.jpg]Atomic Hotel construction by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

And finally, as I drove out south through Shoshone to head home, I spotted this quirky perforated rock that looks like a Jawa from Star Wars to me. It was just south of MM 34.
[img][Image: 51052243051_152184c645_k.jpg]Jawa rock mile 34 by Patricia Boylan, on Flickr[/img]

And that was that. I probably won't be back in DV until the fall, but I have some other trips south and west coming up to look forward to. Hope you have plans for fun as well.
Great pictures! Thank you for posting.

Is the old Atomic Inn being replaced or is the construction in addition to what is already there?
Bluegreen kayak, that was very nice. Thank you!
(2021-03-20, 06:51 AM)trailhound Wrote: Great pictures! Thank you for posting.

Is the old Atomic Inn being replaced or is the construction in addition to what is already there?

The older inn is still there, a block away. I'm guessing they're expanding?
I do love that red fall in Palmer. Quite a thing, isn't it? And a nice place to camp, down at its mouth.

It is always surprising to me how much lighting really does matter. Years ago for example I was in Kaleidoscope with just about perfect lighting - late afternoon. I want to go back, but somehow I know I'll be disappointed because it can't be as perfect as it was on that visit.

Thanks for the pix!
Wow! Looks like you had a great trip. I didn't even know that I wanted to visit Palmer until now, what a cool canyon.

That's indeed a fossil, a snail by the looks of it.
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