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A hot week in April
(2021-05-16, 11:44 AM)John Morrow Wrote: Some fun looking ridgerunning there, MG. Psyched to follow in your steps out to Colville some day. Did that trail seem to continue beyond down toward the valley? I am wondering what its purpose is and why it is cairned? Peakbaggers...?

So Colville is just a ridge, with a bump at the end, before it drops more steeply. I was really surprised first time there to find a register at all. And with only a bit more then one party a year (at least signing) it's not a peak bagger's kind of trail. And it's too well marked - some decent sized cairns, not little piles of duck rocks. From the far (north) side, stuff is very loose and slides a lot, so track tend to get wiped out, but there's a pretty clear use trail down towards the first saddle, but then it sort of vanishes. I called it an "Indian trail" because I saw one or two signs of temporary dwellings (rock circles) out there and I have read that the Timbasha went up to the forest for the summer. But I don't know of any water source up there.

Nor do I know of any mines in the area, and I don't see any marked on the map. All in all, rather mysterious, and I was sure rather surprised, but grateful! when I first found the trail across the scree.
AFAIK there is still no AT&T service from the SPW tower.  I have an AT&T prepaid phone so I'm definitely well aware of which areas are blanks on their coverage map...and DV for the most part is one of them.

I do have service up on Panamint Butte, which I suspect is coming from the Cerro Gordo area. Big Grin

The proposal for overhauling the facilities on Rogers Peak includes a bid by AT&T to put wireless antennas up there.

To have a better idea where AT&T has towers, use their coverage map but be sure to choose "AT&T Prepaid coverage" from the dropdown:

Coverage map

That shows no coverage in the heart of DV.  However, it also doesn't show coverage around the Hwy 6 - Hwy 265 junction (west of Tonopah), and I was just there and know for a fact there's a random AT&T tower there!  So it's not completely up to date. 

But it is correct in showing that I still have nada in Tonopah (or Beatty). Angry  In fact, there's a large swath of Nevada that isn't covered.  Fortunately my T-Mobile hotspot helps me out there!
I don't doubt your experience, Candace, but something was certainly different at SPW this year from last. At the front desk they said "The AT&T tower was damaged" but... the only tower I know there looked fine. My friend, who has At&T not pre-paid was getting a different sort of connection, and it was not clear to him if he was roaming or not. I, with T-mobile, could previously get zero service there, but now I was getting voice + text on some network with a name consisting only of digits. I've never gotten a thing there before. I could get this out to near the mouth of Cottonwood, pretty much localizing to the SPW base station. There used to be a network showing as USA-ComNet which I'd pick up, as a roam, at FC and Beatty, and I could reliably see this from the Panamint Crest between, say, Telescope and Bald. Not this year.

I dunno. Just shows it is better to not rely on anything!

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