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Alvord Desert, March 2020
It's pretty isolated, but actually not hard to get to (apart from distance). Paved Fields-Denio Road enters the south end and runs within 10 miles of Alvord Hot Springs. Other basins, springs, and hills in the area are much more remote and less accessible to passenger vehicles.
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(2021-01-08, 11:42 AM)Sparky of SoCal Wrote: I'm in Garabaldi. The fog follows up the river valleys out of the Bay. The land surface is so full of ferns, leaves and vines I have no idea what a rock looks like until I get to a waterway.

Garabaldi and the Tillimook Bay are beautiful. The old farm houses and homes in town are neat. I was last there visiting friends who live in Manzanita.

A friend of mine has a nice travel blog and he featured the Steens Mountain and country southwest, as well as the country between Burns and Lakeview. His Steens trip is here: Just browse through his trip menu during July for the other travels in the region.
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